Bts jimin dating shannon

BTS Jimin and Shannon dating? allkpop Forums Idk who she is but this appears to be a complete non scandal and idk why she bothered to reply to it. BTS Jimin and Shannon dating? Discussion in 'Celebrity Gossip' started by crazynana, Jul 9, 2016.

Bts jimin dating rumor 2016 Idk why I'm bothering to reply to a post about her replying to it. Shannon recently took to Instagram to deny dating rumors with Jimin of BTS, which was a thing that seems to have been fabricated by international.

Should you date BTS Jimin or Jungkook? Why is she giving people a green lht for both shipping and hate directed at her? Well you only need a couple of people to start harrassing someone. The amazingly attractive Jimin or the downrht adorable Jungkook? This mascot’s BTS dance cover is so good fans are joking that Jungkook is inside

BTS - Would you date Jimin? K-Pop Amino Maybe she was getting a lot of hate by private messages and thought it was best to address it quickly, before getting too bad. So after reading this, would you still date Jimin? I'm 5'7" so I intimidate a lot of them lol but yes Jimin prob wouldn't mind dating a girl that's.

Bts jimin dating shannon:

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